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Dusty James Kincaid

Dusty James Kincaid was born on July 25, 1980, in Springfield, Missouri, to James Kincaid and Barbara (Davis) Crisp. He passed away October 25, 2017 at his home in Mountain Grove, Missouri.

The words “he loved life” do not even begin to describe him. “Bigger than life” may be a decent start. He was a graduate of Mountain Grove High School, class of 1998. Dusty had a brilliant mind and excelled in areas such as math, science, physics, and chemistry.
Dusty sincerely loved the outdoors, being at one with nature and God in one space. His love for Christ was evident in his conversations and his enthusiasm for life. He was baptized October 5, 2014 by Dennis Walton in Willow Springs, Missouri, with his beloved wife, Treshia Kincaid.

He was oftentimes found communing with nature through his passions for fishing and hunting. He could be on a boat and raking in the fish right next to his friends who weren’t catching anything. He would trade them his pole with the lure and everything and still out-fish them. For all those hunters who need to spend thousands of dollars to bag “The Buck,” Dusty had you at the donning of orange. It’s like he could smell it. He invested his spirit in the hunting season and took pride in the time he spent exploring the forests God created and the animals put here to nourish our bodies. He was always who he was, no matter where you met him or who was around.

Dusty married Treshia Freeman Kincaid on October 15, 2010, at Vanzant, Missouri. Within this union, the two shared five children: Colton Hensley, 18; Zachary Campbell, 16; Shi Hensley, 16; Gwendolynn Kincaid, 16; and Harley Hensley, 14.

He was preceded in death by his Grandpa Davis; his Grandpa Kincaid; his uncle, Robert Kincaid; and his cousin, Katrina Altizer.

Dusty is survived by his wife, Treshia, and their children, Colton, Shi, Harley, Zachary, and Gwen, all of Mountain Grove; his father, James Kincaid and wife Amanda and their two children, Thomas and Lilly, of Cabool, Missouri; his mother, Barbara Crisp and husband Matthew of Houston, Missouri; his brother, Austin Delcour of Springfield, Missouri; his grandma, Evelyn Kincaid and Richard Caudron of Nixa, Missouri; and grandparents, Ava and Joy Briscoe of Willow Springs, Missouri.

Memorial services were held Saturday, October 28, 2017, at 3:00 p.m. at Old Berry Farm, Mountain Grove, with Dennis Walton officiating. Andy Amos, Justin Robertson, Thomas Davidson, Richard Turnbull, Darion Fredrick, Matthew Byerly, Jimmy Atkins, Gary Curran, and Donnie Curran served as honorary pallbearers. Cremation was under the direction of Craig-Hurtt Funeral Home, Mountain Grove.

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