8th grade Bulldogs 4-2 heading into last two games of season

On Thursday, October 3, the Cabool Middle School football teams traveled to Salem to take on the Tigers. The seventh grade Bulldogs lost to the Tigers 38-0. The eighth grade Bulldogs won 22-6.

As the teams head into their final two games of the season, the seventh graders are still looking for a win, while the eighth grade team is undefeated. The Bulldogs travel to Mtn. View tonight (Thursday) to play the Eagles, with the first game starting at 5:30 p.m. The CMS football season will wrap up next Thursday, October 17, as the Bulldogs host the Willow Springs Bears.

Following are the stats for the October 3 games with Salem.

Seventh Grade

Offense: Blayne Davis, 3 carries, 15 yards; Kaelan Clifton, 5 carries, 14 yards; Kiel Ellison, 2 carries, 5 yards

Defense: Kaelan Clifton, 9 tackles, 1 pass defended; Esaia Pasay, 6 tackles; Lance Johnson and Abe Leonard, 5 tackles each; Blayne Davis, 4 tackles, 1 pass defended; Kiel Ellison, 4 tackles; Daeton Wake and Briley McCall, 3 tackles; Wyatt Curtis, 1 tackle, 2 passes defended; Michael Cook and Trent Parsons, 1 tackle

Eighth Grade

Offense: Hunter Atchley, 5 carries, 104 yards, touchdown; Tyler Fleetwood, 6 carries, 41 yards, touchdown; Trey Atkins, kickoff return touchdown; Austin Daniel, 1 carry, 34 yards; Owen Casper, 3 carries, 38 yards; Seth Owens, 2 carries, 12 yards

Defense: Owen Casper, 9 tackles; Hunter Atchley, 8 tackles; Tyler Fleetwood, 7 tackles; Seth Owens and Doug Turpin, 6 tackles each; Randall Weatherman, Logan Walls and Kadyn Hall, 4 tackles each; Trey Atkins, 3 tackles, 1 pass defended; Jeff Gebeki and Josh Shockley, 2 tackles each; Isaiah White-Wake, Braxton McCall and Mathew Curtis, 1 tackle each; Logan Summers, 1 interception, 1 pass defended

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