Kiwanis Club donates to Cabool Community Foundation

Kiwanis president David Walker, right, presented a $500 check to Cabool Community Foundation board member Teresa Gregory.

Meeting by teleconference Monday evening, Cabool Community Foundation announced Cabool Kiwanis had donated $500 towards CCF’s effort to obtain a $30,000 matching grant from Missouri Foundation of Health.

The grant money from Missouri Foundation of Health would be given out over five years in support of local projects.

Cabool Community Foundation is seeking to become the 50th community affiliate member of Community Foundation of the Ozarks. CCF met March 23 through a teleconference line provided by Western Dairy Transport and plans to continue monthly meetings by teleconference during the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 concerns caused the cancellation of a photo shoot fundraiser and all other fundraising plans have been suspended indefinitely.

Any person or organization who wish to donate to the Community Foundation of the Ozarks COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund or directly to the CCF may contact CFO Central Region manager Joe Kammerer at 417-256-4725.

The CCF, whose mission is “To enhance the quality of life in the Cabool community through resource development community grant making collaboration, and public leadership,” encourages everyone to support the local community and local businesses, to think creatively, choose wisely, and stay positive.

You can follow Cabool Community Foundation on their Facebook page, where they will help share the needs of the community and post local information.

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